The Butterfly Collection was inspired not by travels abroad, but by my walks in Hampstead Heath in London with my labrador, Charlie.  I am lucky enough to see the seasons change in the thick trees and open fields from the early morning frosts to the first buds of spring. 

Labrador Inspiration for Stacy Chan Designer Handbag Clutch Bag

On one occasion, Charlie had just finished a swim in the ponds when, amazingly, a butterfly landed on my foot. I carefully picked it up and it stayed for a minute before continuing on its journey.  When I think of summertime, I think of green fields, sun shining through a canopy of tree branches and the butterflies I saw that day by the pond.

Butterfly Inspiration for Stacy Chan Designer Handbag Clutch Bag

Using the intricately designed wings as my inspiration, I paired the golden outline of butterflies with a uniquely patterned cork flecked with gold. The subtle material is complimented with a deep green lining, reminiscent of the green of the heath. These clutches are an ideal accessory to add a bit of luxury to a daytime outfit or a summer’s evening.  See the collection.

Stacy Chan Designer Handbag Clutch Bag Gold Butterfly Collection