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    The metalwork in the Golden Jewels Collection was inspired by my travels to Morocco and Marrakech in particular. Just mentioning this vibrant country conjures memories of lavish riads and colourful souks full of spices and carpets.  With so many stalls and passages to follow, the market places border on sensory overload!

    Marrakech Spices

    As you explore this lively city, you are taken in by the intricately patterned doorways and enchanting metal lamps.

    Marrakech Door   Marrakech Metal Lamp

    The warm glow they cast around a room is mesmerizing and inspired me to use metal detailing to create an elegant feel for the evening. The elaborate gold work is paired with rich, jewel-toned silk satin to complete this opulent look.  These clutch bags are a wonderful statement piece for any evening.  See the entire collection here.

     Stacy Chan Golden Jewels Clutch Bags