A New Normal

After several weeks at home, everyone is wondering what the “new normal” will be going forward.  I started this year with many plans for the website, our seasonal pop up shops and new products.  Fast forward a couple months and although some things have been put on hold, it’s also been an opportunity to step back, reassess and work on other creative ideas.

I believe even more than before, people are searching for real connection and supporting real people.  My hope for 2020 was to include more of myself on the website so you could learn more about me and how much of me I put into this brand.  I began by adding more details to the product pages in an effort to reflect my in-store experience with customers before we opened our planned Spring pop-up.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Little did I suspect that a couple months later, in lieu of a shop, I would now be “starring” in my own videos, especially as I’m a bit camera shy.  I launched the Designer at Home series on Instagram TV initially to keep everyone updated on how the brand was faring as our factories are in Italy, where the pandemic has hit especially hard.  The videos have now become an outlet to share some of my other interests and ways of keeping busy when I’m not designing new samples or working on the business.

Designer at Home Video Series with Stacy Chan

These videos were originally shared only on Instagram, but I now found a way to include them here: “Designer at Home Video Series” to make them accessible to everyone.  The first episode is an update on the brand from the beginning of April while some of the later episodes move on to things like my daily routine, books I’m reading and podcasts that I have discovered.  I also had to say goodbye to my beautiful dog Charlie a few weeks ago and I shared a video I put together celebrating her life.

Book Club Covers  I also received questions about book club and what we are reading.  It is a such a lovely way to connect with friends in a different way and I encourage everyone to start their own book club, whether you want to read high brow classic novels or trashy beach reads or anything in between.  When I started, I did not realise how much I would enjoy reading and discussing books with my friends.  I’ve now made a page dedicated to book club so you can follow along with us, read my reviews and disagree if you like!

Other than these new personal additions to the website, I am also planning some styling videos to share with you and working on a new (top secret!) passion project that I hope to launch in the autumn.  Please take your time exploring my videos and book reviews and let me know what you think as love to hear from you!  Comments and suggestions strongly encouraged.

I hope everyone is staying safe and staying connected as we figure our what the New Normal looks like together.