We work with two factories in Italy: one in the Marché region on the eastern coast and one in Florence.  Both are family run factories that have decades of expertise in craftsmanship.

Our factory in the Marché specialises in custom metal work. They make our unique clutch bags and also the custom metal pieces I design like our carabiner keychains.  As our geometric clutch bags were some of my very first designs, I have been working with this factory since the beginning.

Stacy Chan Factory in Marche Italy

Although we are not their biggest (or most famous) client, they are a great partner – when many early factories I spoke to said they would not be able to make my clutch bag designs, they said they would try and really enjoyed working closely on our unique project. I especially love seeing one of the owners of the factory who has four daughters – two of whom share the same birthday as me!

Our other factory is a small, family owned business based in Florence.  Their small workshop has been running for almost 50 years and it’s great to partner with these craftsman who have so much expertise in leather-making.  Here, all our handbags, bracelets, belts and pouches are made with the leather from our nearby tannery.  I get to visit them a few times a year to discuss new projects.  It’s a lovely excuse to visit this gorgeous city and I always return to London with inspiration and a full stomach.

Stacy Chan Factory Florence