Royal Veterinary College Animal Care Trust


We are so proud to support the Royal Veterinary College’s Animal Care Trust.

For more than 30 years, the Royal Veterinary College Animal Care Trust has been dedicated to improving animal health and care. The Trust supports the Royal Veterinary College hospitals that see over 25,000 animals a year by providing funds for new equipment and enhanced facilities that enable them to continue their world-class care. The Trust also supports clinicians and scientists of the future, as well as the development and application of scientific research.

15% of the net proceeds from the sale of our Charlie Mini Bags and our new Primrose Hill Vegan Candle will be donated to support this charity. You can learn more about the Animal Care Trust and/or donate to them directly here and read about our designer’s personal connection to the RVC below.

White MiniBag Cross Body - Italian Leather Designer Stacy Chan
Fuchsia MiniBag Cross Body - Italian Leather - Designer Stacy Chan
Brown MiniBag Cross Body - Italian Leather - Designer Stacy Chan

Stacy & Charlie’s Story

Those who follow us on social media will have caught glimpses of my beautiful Labrador Charlie who I had since she was 7 weeks old. She was the sweetest, cutest and most beautiful puppy monster! She destroyed shoes, tv remote controls, mobile phones and doorframes with her exuberant puppy energy. Yet she brought joy to everyone she passed on the street or in the parks.

Labrador Puppy Charlie for Charity
Charlie the naughty puppy grew up to be the kindest, friendliest and mostly well-behaved dog. She was always the favourite everywhere she went, thanks in part to her wagging tail and love of life.

Labrador Charlie Grown Up Dog for Charity

I was devastated a couple years ago when I learned that Charlie had developed a brain tumour. We were referred to the Queen Mother Hospital at the Royal Veterinary College and their world-class neurology clinic for her treatment. I was so impressed by the level of care she received from everyone we encountered from the receptionists to the nurses and amazing surgeons who performed her life-saving brain surgery.

Labrador Charlie Post Brain Surgery at Royal Veterinary College Queen Mother Hospital

Thanks to the RVC, Charlie enjoyed two more years of runs around the park, swims in ponds and general labrador happiness. Unfortunately, Charlie eventually developed bone cancer and is now no longer with us, but through it all, she brought joy and love to everyone around her. We are so grateful for the extra time that the RVC helped us to have with Charlie and I am so proud to support them in their aid of our beloved pets.