Our products are made with Italian leather from a tannery in a small Tuscan town in an area known for its long traditions in leather-making and producing superior products that stand the test of time.

 I have been working with our tannery since the very beginning producing our custom, double-sided colour combinations in small quantities. The double-sided leather has become our brand signature, which not only allows me to incorporate bold splashes of colour in my designs, but also means our handbags and accessories are surprisingly light yet durable at the same time. In addition, their willingness to make smaller quantities means we aren’t forced to over produce.

Double Sided Italian Leather

In this area, the tanneries also pay particular attention to environmental issues as the workers and their families all live in the surrounding villages. They invest in highly innovative water treatment technologies, and, for some time now, ongoing research into products and formulas that can reduce environmental impact.

Water Treatment Zone - Arno River Italy

Cow leather is a byproduct of the meat industry and we believe it is a durable material that prevents us from producing disposable products that only last a short period of time before ending up in a landfill.  However, we know that some customers prefer to avoid animal products altogether.  I continue to research vegan alternatives to look for those that have the same longevity, resilience and aesthetic feel as real Italian leather.  Please let us know if you would like to be notified of this when it becomes available.