We work with small, family-run factories in Italy paying a fair wage to the craftsmen and craftswomen that hand make our handbags.  Our designs are made in limited quantities when we sell out - we do not over-produce items that will get thrown away or even destroyed at the end of the season.  Although these things mean our final product will cost a little more to make, it’s a price we’re willing to pay.


We are going to be 100% honest - we use real Italian leather that comes from cows.  We work with a family owned tannery in Tuscany, Italy that has two plants that are IS 9002 certified.  They pay particular attention to environmental issues, with highly innovative water treatment technologies, and, for some time now, ongoing research into products and formulas that can reduce environmental impact of their production.  We currently feel that real leather offers the best results in terms of quality and longevity for products.

Although leather is a byproduct of the meat industry, we understand that some customers are choosing to avoid buying animal products altogether.  While real leather has good durability resulting in long-life products, our designer is looking at various vegan alternatives to find one with a similar performance and longevity without having a significant environmental impact as some vegan materials do.  Please feel free to email us to be added to a special mailing list where we will notify you when this becomes available.


We care about people, animals (big dog lovers here!) and the environment that we live in.  We don’t print shipping confirmations and our shipping boxes are made from recycled paper.

We are also happy to repair your Stacy Chan handbags that have seen a bit of wear.  We love that some of our customers use our handbags every day season after season and although our leather is very durable and scratch resistant, your handbag made need a stitch strengthened, or a metal button replaced.  PLEASE do not throw away a bag that we can repair for you - just send us an email here and we will see what we can do.

Starting this year, we now offer a trade-in service.  Send us your old bag and we will give you a 15% discount on your next purchase.  Your old bag will be spruced up and given a second life with another customer in our new Pre-Loved section.