Our New Look

Customers who have been with us from the beginning of our journey will have noticed our recent transformation - everything from our colours and fonts to our new logo. Take a look behind the scenes of our rebranding...

Our very first logo was something I drew that was fitting with the origins of our brand.  I wanted to convey luxury and craftsmanship in the unique evening bags I was designing.  The square boxes dominating the first logo was informed by the symmetric openings of clutch bags and our black/gold colours were fitting with the glamour of these bags.  

Stacy Chan Evening Bags Gift Box

However, as the brand began to grow, a new aesthetic emerged from the larger handbags I began to design.  The geometric nature of our clutch bags informed the clean lines and minimalist construction of our popular Veronica Tote Bag and is now even more apparent in the Madison Backpack and Mini Charlie Bag from our latest collections.

Stacy Chan Leather Designer Backpacks

It was clear the brand was outgrowing its original logo and it was time for a change!  

Together with a creative agency, we brainstormed ideas and a new look that would encompass the modern designs and prepare us for our next stage of growth.  Our new logotype takes a clean font and elevates it with select cut outs to reflect the unique shapes of our handbags.

Stacy Chan Designer Handbag Logos

In addition, we created a logomark that is based on our original Imogen Clutch Bag and also loosely incorporates the SC of our first design.  We chose colours that represented the minimalist nature of the brand, but also the sophisticated and bold additions of colour we use each season.

Stacy Chan Designer Handbag Colours

We are excited to show you how our new brand identity will look on our designs this coming season as well, but rest assured we are still dedicate to the same Italian craftsmanship and luxury on which the brand was founded.

So make sure you are on our mailing list and follow us on social media to be the first to see the newest designs!


P.S. For now, any orders placed may receive dust bags and/or boxes with our original logos as we do not believe in waste.  If you would like to be sent a new dustbag when they arrive later this year, please write to customercare@stacychan.com with your order number and it will be sent to you at that time.