The Spring Edit 2019

Spring is my most anticipated season, with the weather finally starting to change and the first flowers starting to bloom.  Unfortunately, this also means the weather can be unpredictable with downpours followed by sunshine, brisk sunny days, or cloudy days that are still warm.  Despite all of our weather-predicting apps, it can be a challenge getting dressed in the morning.

The beginning of the season is all about layering so that you can be ready for whatever the day brings and as we get into the warm summer sunshine, easy throw-on dresses and jumpsuits are my favourite.  Here’s a selection of some of my favourite outfits this season – classic looks that touch on the season’s trends.



Beige Chunky Jumper Sweater Spring

Stone White Leather Mini Cross Body Bag Designer Stacy Chan

Charlie Mini Bag in Stone

Navy Blue Leather Cross Body Bag Designer Stacy Chan

Alex Cross Body in Navy

I love this chic combination of beige colours that make dressing easy.  Pairing oversized and fitted pieces are a time-tested combination and this chunky jumper means you can be both comfortable and stylish at the same time. With this outfit, you can either choose a handbag that echoes the muted colours, or choose something that will standout on this blank canvas.



Beige Midi Skirt & Black Jumper

Large Ava Pouch in Noir

Black Midi Leather Work Bag Designer Stacy Chan

Midi Amy Tote in Noir

Midi skirts, below the knee and above the ankle, have been popular for a few seasons now, but they are sometimes difficult to style.  It can be easy to get lost in the extra fabric and appear frumpy and this outfit avoids that with a fitted top, highlighting the waistline.  I also love the white shirt underneath that adds a preppy Parisian feel to the look.  Accessories can be kept to a minimum and a black pouch as a clutch or clipped to the belt loops would complete this perfectly.



Powder Blue Jumper & White Trousers

Pink Leather Cross Body Bag Designer Stacy Chan

Alex Cross Body in Peony

Pink Italian Leather Tote Bag Designer Stacy Chan

Veronica Tote in Peony 

The spring colour palette also includes lots of pastel colours.  This jumper is a beautiful ice blue and is great for transitioning into the warmer weather.  The white trousers make it feel fresh, but it could as easily be thrown over a dress for warmth or dark jeans to brighten your look.  With this outfit, you can accessorise with our Peony Pink cross body with a dark blue accent, referencing the blue in the jumper without matching it too closely.



Beige Linen Jumpsuit Playsuit

Ava Pouch Set in Tropical

Brown Leather Backpack Designer Stacy Chan

Madison Backpack in Mocha

Jumpsuits are very popular right now and although I tend to shy away from “of the moment trends” that might look out of place in a few seasons, I think classic cuts and solid colours will stand the test of time in this silhouette.  This cute linen playsuit has a casual air about it, but the collar and upturned cuffs on the sleeves and legs add a bit more structure. Throw on a backpack in the city or clip a pouch on to a belt loop for travelling so you can have your hands free to take photos. 



Pink & Black Floral Dress

Black Leather Unique Octagon Clutch Designer Stacy Chan

Imogen Clutch in Noir

Grey Italian Leather Tote Bag Designer Stacy Chan

Veronica Tote in Grey

You can’t have Spring without at least a few floral prints floating around.  Not everyone can pull off big bold prints, and this dress with its small pink flowers on black is much more wearable.  The casual sneakers offset the floaty dress as an easy daytime look while strappy heels would dress it up.  Don’t be tempted to get too matchy with your accessories as a pink bag could be overkill. Our grey tote (with pink inside) would be perfect for daytime while a black clutch for the evening would complement instead of compete with the print.



Bright Orange Dress

Brown Italian Leather Mini Bag Designer Stacy Chan

Charlie Mini Bag in Mocha

Cream White Italian Leather Tote Bag Designer Stacy Chan

Veronica Tote in Stone

It’s no surprise that I am a big fan of bright colours so no edit of Spring/Summer would be complete without a bold choice. I love this orange dress with its curved button line and elbow-length sleeves.  It’s one of those pieces that you can throw on and be comfortable and classy all day.  An easy tote bag or cross body in deep brown or creamy white would be perfect with this dress to tone down the colour.



Ladies Black Spring Suit

Midi Powder Blue Leather Work Bag Designer Stacy Chan

Midi Amy Tote in Powder Blue

Midi Teal Leather Work Bag Designer Stacy Chan

Midi Amy Tote in Teal

For those of us who still have to go into the office despite the lovely weather, suiting material gets a bit lighter and hemlines come up.  Although I’ve chosen a classic black outfit, dress codes are getting more relaxed in offices around the world.  To keep the look sophisticated yet casual, a simple white t-shirt instead of a dress shirt, or change the colour of the suit to light grey, blue, red or anything you feel bold enough to pull off.  With this black suit in the spring, you can carry a pastel bag for a fun take on work wear or a bolder colour to make a statement.

The Spring weather means you don't have to bundle up as much and you can get creative with your layers and colours.  Tell us about how you style your favourite pieces this season.