Transform Your Loungewear to Street Style

Spring is here and we’re starting to venture out again, but if you’re like me, you’re a bit reluctant to change out of the comfortable loungewear that you have been living in for the past year.  Here are some ideas for how you can transform your stay at home clothing into fashionable street style outfits. 

Stay at Home Look #1: Hoodie & Leggings

Don’t ditch the comfy hoodie/leggings combo just yet! Simply add a sharp blazer, black booties and a structured tote to take the look outside.  Keep the blazer unbuttoned and don’t forget to pull the hood out of the back of the jacket.  Pull it all together with strong lines from a minimalist bag for a chic, yet casual look.  Extra points for sweet prints on your hoodie peeking out to show some personality.

How to Wear Hoodie & Leggings Outside



Stay at Home Look #2: Matching Jogging Set

Even pre-lockdown, monochrome jogging sets were becoming a street-wear staple, so it’s no surprise that so many people dove into this colourful matching duo trend during our time at home.  Take this look from sofa to street by adding white leather or canvas sneakers and a cross body bag.  A large or squishy bag could add too much volume to this relaxed look, so choose something with a clean shape.

How to Wear Matching Jogging Set as Streetwear

Pangaia Jogging Top & Bottoms, Veja Faux Leather Trainers, Stacy Chan Cross Body Bag


Stay at Home Look #3: Floaty House Dress

A voluminous dress is a must for comfort and can easily be taken outside.  If you're tall and slim, this can look amazing as is, but if you’ve got a little shape to you or are on the petite side (like yours truly), a strategically placed skinny belt can accentuate your body a bit more.  Slip on a pair of smart yet comfortable loafers, grab your luxe leather tote and you’re ready for whatever the day might bring.

How to Wear a Floaty House Dress Outside

Arket Dress, Stacy Chan Reversible Belt, Tod's Loafers, Stacy Chan Tote Bag


Stay at Home Look #4: Chunky Jumpers

Most of us have been living in chunky jumpers to keep us warm this winter.  Before you relegate them to the back of the wardrobe until next year, throw on a pair of stylish shorts and tuck in just the front/one side of the front of the jumper.  Add a pair of neutral sandals and a designer backpack to elevate “I just threw this on” to “where did you get that?”

How to Wear Chunky Jumpers Outside

Everlane jumper, Reiss shorts, Sandro sandals, Stacy Chan backpack


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Ideas to Turn Your Loungewear into Streetwear


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