Designer Stacy Chan w Charlie the Labrador
Born and raised in New York, Stacy studied Finance, IT and Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and worked for a decade in finance in NYC, London and Geneva before taking the leap into the world of fashion.

After being disappointed with seeing the same handbag choices everywhere and the lack of honesty in designer products, she set out to learn how to design and create her own brand with a commitment to authentic quality and distinct design.

After attending the London College of Fashion and two years working closely with a tannery and factory in Italy, the Stacy Chan brand was launched with unique evening bags. The brand quickly grew to include a wider range of handbags and accessories underpinned by the ideals of unique, minimalist design and superior craftsmanship.

The Stacy Chan brand has been seen on British royalty, celebrities and bloggers.  In addition, we have been included in The Telegraph, The Metro, Harper's Bazaar Online, and various other publications.  Stacy was also the recipient of the first ever Pantone Colour Award and a Finalist for Overall Design in the Independent Handbag Design Awards, and the 3rd Place Winner of FashionBasecamp's British Fashion Startup Award 2016.

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