Authentic Italian Craftsmanship

Thanks for taking the time to read about the quality materials we use and the craftspeople behind the products.

Stacy Chan is not a fast fashion brand.  We make things to last from season to season.  All of our handbags and accessories are made with incomparable Italian leather.  The strong shapes and lines of our designs are paired with the soft hand feel of this world-famous material.

Our leather is from a tannery in a Tuscan town renowned not only for its superior products, but also its highly innovative water treatment technologies to ensure safety to the environment and the surrounding communities in which the employees and their families live.  In using real leather, which is a byproduct of the meat industry, I chose to make luxury items that are timeless and durable.

As my custom colour combinations are made just for us in small quantities,

Italian Leather 
Stacy Chan meeting with Florence Factory

the leather production process can take up to two months and it is then sent directly to my factory in nearby Florence.

I love working with small Italian factories - they have such a long tradition of working with leather goods and it shows in the quality final product.  The precise cutting, colour-matched painted edges and expert stitching come together behind the Made in Italy stamp on every item we produce.  Each small production run takes a few months and is then shipped to our London studio.

All our products go through this design and production process.  There are more details on our product pages about why I made each bag and the inspiration behind their names in the "Designer Notes" and "Behind the Name" tabs.


Made in Italy - Designer Leather Handbags Stacy Chan

Now that you have had an intro to our brand, our emails will be less frequent, but will always include a link to a similar article written by me giving you a look into what we are working on at Stacy Chan.  You can always find us online and on instagram, and feel free to email with any questions.

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