London Photoshoot: How It's Made

After the design process of creating the perfect hangbag, the next step of bringing my creation to the public is the photoshoot! After last season’s location shoot on the streets of Le Marais district in Paris, this season, I decided to feature the gorgeous city I call home – London!

London Skyline from Primrose Hill 

The first step is to create a mood board to communicate the look and feel I want. I compile photos to represent the clothing, the hair, the makeup, the locations and the overall style I am looking for. This process usually begins months before the actual shoot as it tends to happen naturally as I page through magazines and websites. In the final weeks before the shoot, the collected clippings are narrowed down to the key representative images.

Black Octagonal Clutch Bag Photoshoot Moodpboard

Working again with the amazing photographer Paul Krokos, we search the streets of west London for the perfect backdrops and after many chilly hours and cups of tea, we make a list of locations.

London Street 1  London Street 2

Stylist Gail Holland then translates the mood board in to clothing that captures the overall feel of my ideas. It’s not easy to combine London, sexy, sophisticated and minimalist clothing while maintaining the focus on the star of the show – the handbags!

On the day of the shoot the photographer, stylist, our model, hair & make-up artist and photography assistants all gather together on location and then the magic happens! The clothes and bags are paired together with locations and the whole team works on producing the amazing images you can see on our website!

Designer Handbag London Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes

It is such a great experience and privilege to work with this amazing team of people! I can not wait until the next photoshoot and am already tearing out images for my next moodboard – just need to work on new handbags!

London Photoshoot Team
Photographer: Paul Krokos
Stylist: Gail Holland
Hair/MUA: Ivan Despues
Model: Henriett Barabas