Where Can I Get That Bag??

As I have been test-driving our new leather shopper bag and briefcase around London, this is the question I have been asked more than any other in the past month: Where can I get that bag?? It seems our new handbags have struck a chord with everyone!

With a few tweaks still to come, this is the very first preview of our newest bag:

Stacy Chan Luxury Leather Tote Bag


As I type, our tannery in Tuscany is custom dyeing our leather before each bag is handmade at our manufacturer near Milan. Meanwhile, I have been lining up a stunning photo shoot to coincide with our new website launch.

Can’t wait? Our signature clutch bag collection is now on sale, but there are only one or two pieces left in each style, so move quickly!

So sit tight, join our mailing list if you haven’t already done so and I look forward to debuting the new bags at the end of July!