A look that is uniquely ours

With bold colour pairings and interesting angles, our distinct aesthetic is timeless yet modern.

Each and every product in our collections is designed by me, so I thought it might be nice to share a the process of how an idea in my head becomes a product.


Inspiration comes from so many places: architecture, art and from YOU, our supportive community of amazing women.

From the many many sketches, there will be one design that I believe really embodies the aesthetic of the brand and I start to drill down into the details.

Designer Handbag Sketches - Stacy Chan 
Paper Models Designer Handbags - Stacy Chan


Out come the paper, ruler, scissors, and tape and I have a crafts day in the studio!  I make my designs to scale to see what they would look like on the body, what they can fit inside and the best construction.  From here, I put together photographs and flat lay drawings with detailed measurements for my factory in Florence.

There is some back and forth with my factory as I may make changes to the construction, measurements, details, etc.


While the shapes and sampling are happening in Florence, I am also deciding on colours for the coming collection. Sometimes there is a theme (e.g. the Stone, Mocha and Fuchsia colours felt like a modern jungle safari) and other times they are standalone ideas.  In all cases, I look for sophisticated pairings that will feel fresh from season to season.

During this process I go to Florence to see the samples in person and discuss final changes before production.

Handbag Design Comments - Stacy Chan


It is lovely to have an excuse to visit Italy - along with seeing my designs come to life, I also get to have some delicious food and wine!  Below is from a trip between meetings where I had the opportunity to visit the famous Barolo wine region just outside of Florence.

Thanks for reading about my design process.  Each product page has more details about the specific designs and names behind the handbags.

You can also learn more about the quality materials and Italian factories I work with here.

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Handbag Designer Stacy Chan Wine Tasting Brunello Italy